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17 Ways a Storage Authority Franchise Can Help You Maximize Your Profits!

Best of both worlds - In business for Yourself but not by Yourself!
Easier entry into the self-storage business
Site location advice and consent
Save through group purchases
Learn the business faster and more effectively, avoid costly mistakes
Immediate professional image with national and local websites provided
Customer Relationship Management Software
Planning, design & construction guidance
Brand support – profit from the experience and knowledge Of the Brands management
Build more customers through Brand recognition & Group advertising
Increased equity and resale value
State of Art Management Software provided
Comprehensive start up & ongoing Training
Customer Loyalty programs
Defined areas of protection
Comprehensive Operations Manual
Our proven “Dynamic Ease System”

Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Different...

Storage Authority provides a compelling offering for the consumer market. With its proprietary customer rewards program, excellent customer service, consistency in brand quality assurance programs and our money back guarantee, we provide the best quality of service and value in the industry. When you combine the convenience provided through our storage locations with the cost effective rates our franchisees are able to charge, you have a winning combination!

Franchising Defined...

The mutually beneficial relationship that exists between franchisors and franchisees makes franchising unique in the world of business. While franchising does provide opportunities, it does not create Miracles. Franchisees combine knowledge and resources with entrepreneurial drive and spirit to form a business relationship unique to franchising. Franchising is a field of expanding economic opportunity in which each and every person can play a part based on talent, initiative, and dedication.

Our Products And Services...

Storage Authority will provide independent operators with the systematic methods and framework from which they can have better-run facilities, increase market exposure, bolster consumer confidence, and grow revenue. The Company will also provide multiple proprietary systems related directly to serving the Self-Storage industry, including its "Dynamic Ease System."

Who We Are?

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After hearing hundreds and hundreds of people say they were going to build a self storage but never did and after visiting just as many self storage that were poorly designed, maintained and operated Marc Goodin started his journey helping others build and operate responsible self storage facilities. Marc has been sharing his self storage knowledge with new comers and veterans alike for over 20 years. Marc has helped many people, through his self storage books and his consulting practice, how to prosper by surprising and delighting their customers and providing unexpected over the top customer service.

We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels.

"Franchising means being in business for yourself but not by yourself"

Strategic Partners Committed To Your Success!